Monday, November 30, 2009

Samsung Jack

I used my phone plan upgrade to purchase a refurbished Samsung Jack (Windows Mobile 6.5 and an unlimited data plan). I was a bit leery at first to go from a touchscreen phone to a non-touchscreen, but I have to say that the Jack has proven to be a very nice piece of equipment. I haven't been able to unlock it and use cooked ROMs as of yet - it seem it's still too new for the hardcore developers to have cracked it - but I have found some very decent software that makes the phone convenient and fun.

I tried to create a new .NET project in Visual Studio, but I'm not sure which mobile device emulator I'm supposed to use. The WinMo 6 emulators all look like touchscreen phones and I'm not sure if my application will run on the Jack. Plus, I can't get Visual Studio to connect to my Jack instead of using an emulator. Bummer for now, but no big deal. I hate programming anyway.

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